No Caller ID How to Find Out Who Called

What does No Caller ID Mean

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If you own a phone chances are very high that you have received a call of this type.  The phone rings and the display shows No Caller ID.

What do you do?  It could be someone you know calling from a different number or perhaps an emergency from work,

But more often than not, these types of calls turn out to be nothing more than SPAM and nuisance calls. Calls that you often end up hanging up on in frustration!

While often these calls are nothing more than telemarketers trying to get you to sign up for the latest and greatest “deal” that they have available,

in some cases these calls can be more malicious.

What is Caller ID How to Find Out Who Called?

Caller ID is a telephone service that provides the caller’s telephone number to the recipient.

This number is displayed on the telephone directly, allowing the recipient to make a decision on whether or not to take the call –

this is also sometimes called Call Avoidance and works great with annoying family members!

What does No Caller ID Mean – How to Find Out Who Called?

No caller ID – also known as blocked caller ID – when the caller deliberately blocks the sending of calling information to the recipient.

This is usually done because whoever is calling, does not want to be tracked and is a strategy often used by telemarketers.

A key point to note is that while you might not see the caller ID that information is still being sent over the system so there are ways of finding out who actually made that call.

Dealing with Malicious Callers

While the majority of calls are probably going to be annoying but routine, there are instances where calls could be classified as harassing or threatening.

If this is the case it is best to contact the police immediately as they have the ability to work with the phone companies and track the caller.

Telemarketers will annoying are not generally dangerous, but people that utilize the phone system with the intent to cause harm could be quite dangerous.

It is better to be safe vs. trying to discover the identity yourself.

What does No Caller ID Mean – How to Finding out who’s on the other end of the phone


If you’ve determined that the caller is not malicious but just annoying,

the best way to get them to stop is by finding out who they are and confronting them.

One key thing to note is that if it’s a telemarketing company,

they can actually be sued for masking their calling ID as that is illegal.


By keying *69 on your phone immediately after you have received a call, you will obtain information about that phone call.

This can include the phone number if it’s been made available.

Your phone company

If you contact your phone company, they might be able to help you.  Quite often this is a chargeable service, but the cost might warrant the charge.

ICaughtU and toll-free numbers

Toll-free numbers work slightly differently than regular numbers as with toll numbers there is a cost (hence the name) to the originating party.

What this means, in a nutshell, is that they need to know the number that’s calling them so that they can bill it and make their money.

A service called ICaughtU has taken advantage of this by building a tool and interface that will act as an intermediary for the call.  Simply decline the initial call on your device and ICaughtU – Unmask Blocked Calls will send it back to you unmasked.  Easy, peasy.

Now, this is not a free service, however, the monthly rate is negligible and if you are being plagued by calls of this type, it is well worth the investment.